Fokas Evaggelinos’ Schools of Dance have been operating since 1996. The first school, at 5A, Kipselis street in an ultramodern building with three dance rooms, suitable material and technical infrastructure, creating a nice, friendly and very warm environment. In 2004, a second school opened at 4 Averof & Marni street.

Our students have the opportunity to study all types of dance, attending programs of various systems and at all levels (beginners and advanced levels).

The following classes are taught:

  •  music movement education for young children (ages 3½ and above);
  •  classical ballet RAD, ISTD;
  •  modern dance ISTD;
  •  tap dancing ISTD;
  •  Flamenco SDS

as well as:

  •  JAZZ;
  •  Latin;
  •  Tango Argentino;
  •  Barre a Terre;
  •  dance gymnastics;
  •  Pilates;
  •  Power Yoga;
  •  Greek dances;
  •  actor kinesiology.


The school year always starts on October 1st, and ends on June 30th. Registrations are open all year round and our students can be of any age, from 3 years old upwards.