It has by now become an institution in our School to organize a big charity performance every two years, where all our students participate and which is dedicated to the children.

This performance is directed and choreographed by Fokas Evaggelinos, in cooperation with all the teachers, and takes place in large central theaters.

To date four such performances have taken place.

In 1998, our School's first performance took place in REX Theater, it was entitled Parts from fairytales and musicals, and it was dedicated to the children of the “Child Smile” association.


In 2000, the second performance took place in ACROPOL Theater and was entitled Millennium 2000. This performance was dedicated to the children of Africa that the “Doctors without borders” help.


In 2002, we played “Alice in Wonderland” at ALSOS Theater. This performance was dedicated to the children of the Voula PIKPA.


In 2004, we played “Dancing we Unite the World” at FEVER Music Stage. All proceeds of this performance were donated to ELPIDA foundation, for chlidren with cancer.

You can see our rich collection of pictures from our School’s performances by visiting our Photo Gallery.