Fokas Evaggelinos career as a choreographer begun in 1991. His first choreography was in the revue “Artzi Bourtzi ke Ellas”, under the direction of Giorgos Kimoulis, and with music by Andreas Mikroutsikos (1991, Park Theater). Ever since he has choreographed and been in charge of kinesiology in many plays. He choreographed the revue “Fiesta ke Asta” directed by Antonis Kafetzopoulos, and music by Dionysis Tsaknis (1992, Park Theater), the revue “Pothen Eschos” directed by Giorgos Kimoulis (1992, Park Theater), “Tam-Tam ke Tango” with the Mimi Denisi company, translated and adapted by Mimi Denisi, and directed by Roger Williams (1993, Vretania Theater), the play by Dimitra Papadopoulou “Den trechi tipota” directed by Giannis Bezos (1993, Athina Theater), the children’s revue by Eleni Gerasimidou “Dose mou na kano mia” (1994, on tour), the classic “Anna Karenina” adapted by Mimi Denisi, and directed by Korais Damatis (1995, Acropol Theater), the revue of Sofia Filippidou “Kou-Kou....Tsa”, directed by Lydia Koniordou and music by Dionysis Tsaknis (1995, Municipal Regional Theater of Volos), “Theodora” directed by Giannis Kakleas (1996-1998, Acropol Theater), Willy Russell’s “Blood Brothers” musical directed by Vasilis Nikolaidis(1997, Broadway Theater), Dimitris Psathas’ “Madame Sousou” directed by Vaggelis Theodoropoulos (1998, Vretania Theater), Dimitris Psathas’ “Alimono stous neous”, directed by Kostas Tsianos, music by Manos Hadjidakis, and scenography by Rena Georgiadou (1999, Park Theater), Grigorios Xenopoulos’ musical “I fitites” with the Greek National Theater company, adapted and directed by Kostas Tsianos, music by Yuri Stupel, and scenography and costumes by Rena Georgiadou (2000, Greek National Theater, Kotopouli Stage), Lee Hall’s “Cooking with Elvis”, directed by Giannis Kakleas (2000, Diana Theater), the adapted play by Eugene Labishe “Two and a half Murders and a Bulldog” directed by Mihalis Reppas and Thanasis Papathanasiou (2000 – 2002, Pireos 131 Theater).


In the summer of 2001 he was invited by the Greek National Theater to choreograph Aristophanes’ “The Clouds” directed by Giannis Iordanidis, translated by Henri Belliet, music by Philippos Tsalachouris, and costumes by Giannis Metzikoff. The premiere took place at the Ephesus Hellenistic Theater, and it was the fist time for a modern Greek theater company to perform at this significant monument of Ancient Ionia. The play was then performed at the Ancient Theater of Epidavros, followed by a tour throughout Greece. In the same year he choreographed the musical “Mizerere” by Panagiotis Paschidis, directed again by Kostas Tsianos with the Greek National Theater company, music by Thanos Mikroutsikos, and costumes by Gannis Metzikoff (2001, Greek National Theater, Kotopouli Stage). In 2002 he choreographed the musical “I andres tis protimoun xanthies”, at Athineon Theater, adapted by Panagiotis Mentis, directed by Grigoris Valtinos, music by Yuri Stupel, and scenography by Giorgos Asimakopoulos. In the same year, he choreographed the music play “Paramithi choris onoma” by Iakovos Kabanellis, played at the Municipal Regional Theater of Larissa, directed by Giannis Iordanidis, and music by Manos Hadjidakis. Following the premiere in Larissa, the play was played at the Lykavittos Theater, the Papagos Theater and the Dasos Theater in Thessaloniki. The same performance was repeated in the summer of 2003. In 2002 he also choreographed the play by Eleni Radou “Min trechis mama” performed at the Diana Theater, under the direction of Giannis Kakleas. In 2003 he worked with Kostas Tsianos and Theatriki Diadromi in Aristophanes’ “Thesmoforiazousae” (Ancient Theater of Epidavros, and tour throughout Greece), music by Michalis Christodoulidis, scenography by Antonis Chalkias and costumes by Giannis Metzikoff, as well as with Michalis Reppas and Thanasis Papathanasiou and the Greek National Theater company in the play written by the latter two “Pia Eleni?”, music by Afroditi Manou, scenography by Antonis Daklidis, and costumes by Evelyn Sioupi (Greek National Theater – Kotopouli Stage).


Besides his theatrical works, Fokas Evaggelinos, has also worked as choreographer and director at music stages, such as “Chaos” where Anna Vissi and Sakis Rouvas appeared (1995). In the same year he was in charge of kinesiology in the music show of Alkisti Protopsalti in “Gazi” directed by Andreas Voutsinas. In 1996 and 1997 choreographed and directed the program of the music stages “RIBAS”, “Gazi”, and “Asteria”, where Anna Vissi and Nikos Karvelas appeared. In 1997 he undertook the choreography of Anna Vissi’s tour abroad (Australia, US, England, Germany, South Africa, and Cyprus).


From 1998 to date, Fokas Evaggelinos directs and choreographs all the appearances of Despina Vandi and Sakis Rouvas, with Manolis Pantelidakis’ scenography. He has also worked with the following singers: Giannis Parios, Antonis Vardis, Tolis Voskopoulos, Glikeria, Keti Garbi, Stelios Rokkos, and Antonis Remos.


Since 1993 he has been working on a regular basis in TV, choreographing many TV shows such as “Ciao Antenna”, and “Bravo”,the festive episodes of the TV series “Aparadekti”, “High Rock”, “Dis examartin”, music award shows, beauty pageants, and two advertising festivals at the Athens Concert Hall. He also participated as actor and choreographer in Maria Georgiadou’s TV series “Mia iperohi zoi”.


He has worked twice in cinema as a choreographer: in the comedy by Michalis Reppas and Thanasis Papathanasiou “To klamma vgike apo ton paradiso”, music by Afroditi Manou (2001) and in the motion picture “Varethika na skotono tous agapitikous sou” by Nikos Panagiotopoulos, music by Stamatis Kraounakis (2002).


Apart form his work that is addressed to the wide public, Fokas Evaggelinos has collaborated with the modern dance group Dancemania, which was created in 2002 by the Panhellenic Association of Teachers of Dancing. The goal of this group is to promote children (aged 12-18) with a talent in dancing, in order to get them professionally involved with dancing. Dancemania appeared for the first time at the Athens College Theater with the Play “O kirios Petaloudas”, initially conceived, directed, and choreographed by Fokas Evaggelinos.