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* Portrait

He was born in Messologgi. He graduated from the State School of Orchestral Art in 1989 in wich he had great teachers like: Ν.Tsatsou, Z.Nikoloudi, Metsi Bokoeva, Mihof, L.Errenidi, S. Spiratou e.t.c.

This is when he made his first steps in dance at Kiki Maniati School.

* Artistic Activity

How did you start dancing?

From a young age I loved dancing and I dreamed of becoming a dancer.

After watching various performances, I decided to actually do dance, because I realized that it expresses me more than anything else.

* Collaborations

The career of Fokas Evangelinos in choreography begins in 1991. His first choreographic work is in the revue “Artzi Bourtzi and Hellas” directed by Giorgos Kimoulis and music by Andreas Mikroutsikou (1991, Park Theatre). Since then he has choreographed and taken over the kinesiology of many theatrical performances.

Contact Details

Adress :Kipselis 5Α, 11 257, Athens Telephone: 210 8254 500, 210 8254 501  Email :