The National Theater, being one of the largest theatrical mechanisms of the country and through the theatrical art, promotes spiritual cultivation, the preservation of the National Cultural Identity and promotes the development of Greek and modern Greek drama.

Since 2000, Fokas Evangelinos has been choreographing for the National Theater various great shows such as:

  • “Students” by Mr. Xenopoulos
  • “Miserere” by P. Paschidis
  • “Acharnis” by Aristophanes
  • “Lysistrata” by Aristophanes
  • “Clouds” by Aristophanes
  • “Frogs” by Aristophanes etc

In 2002, the Drama School, having at that time the Artistic Director Nikos Kourkoulos, invited Fokas Evangelinos to teach kinesiology, as a Dance Professor, where he remains to this day.

From 2018-19 he teaches Kinesiology in the Department of Directing and Acting (an extension department for the Drama School) with the aim of theoretical and practical training of new directors to staff the Greek theatrical landscape.