• 2013 “Sugar- Some prefer it hot” directed by St. Fasoulis at the PALLAS theater
  • 2013 “I’ll take you away” by Ag. Pyriochou at the Badminton theater
  • 2012 “Chicago” directed by St. Fassoulis at PALLAS
  • 2012, La Nonna by R. Khosa directed by D. Piata at AKADIMOS
  • 2011 “Hush the blood” by Akis Dimos and St. Kraunakis directed by Ath. Karagiannopoulou at the ATHINAIS music stage
  • 2011 “Sotiria Bellou – The wandering life of a rebetist” by S. Adamidou directed by Ath. Karagiannopoulou KAPPA theater
  • 2011 “I will make you queen” by D. Psathas directed by K. Tsianos at GLORIA
  • 2011 “Aristophanous 11” by St. Kraunakis in the GREEK WORLD
  • 2010 “The Crooked Tree” by D. Psathas directed by K. Tsianos at GLORIA –
  • 2010 “Why Madonna and not me” by M. Kokkoris directed by L. Iovanidis in ATHENS
  • 2010, “The thief calls” directed by K.Tsianou at GLORIA
  • 2009 “The Millionaire” by B. So directed by S. Hatzakis at the Athens Concert Hall
  • 2008, “The Glory of the Levant” directed by K.Tsianou at ANESIS
  • 2007 “Chinetsita” directed by Reppa-Papathanassiou at ALIKI
  • 2007, “The Glory of the Levant” by G. Xenopoulos, directed by K. Tsianou.
  • 2004 “Frankenstein Redicules” directed by See Kyriakides in the NEW RIALTO
  • 2003 “Subatman” directed by Tatiana Lygaris on the Train on the Roof
  • 2003 “The two orphans” with An. Panagiotopoulou and N. Menti, directed by P. Zoulias and music by D. Galani, theater ANALYTI
  • 2003 “It’s not me” with Sp. Papadopoulos directed by K. Tsianou
  • 2002 “Men prefer blondes” directed by Gr. Valtinou in ATHINAION
    2002 “Mom don’t run” by El. Radou directed by G. Kakleas. in DIANA
    2000 “Cooking with Elvis” by Lee Hall directed by G.Kaklea at DIANA
    2000 “Two and a half murders and a bulldog” by Evgenios Labis directed by T. Papathanasiou-A. Reppa. at PIRAEUS 131
  • 1999 “Woe to the youth” by D. Psathas directed by K. Tsianou and music by M. Hadjidakis at the PARK

    1998 “Madame Soussou” by D. Psathas directed by V. Theodoropoulos in BRITAIN
    1997 “Blood Brothers” by Willy Russel directed by V. Nikolaidis on BROADWAY
    1996 “Theodora” directed by G. Kakleas at AKROPOLIS
    1995 “Anna Karenina” by M. Denisis directed by K. Damatis at AKROPOLIS
    1994 “Give Me To Do One” by El. Gerasimidou
    1993 “Nothing’s going on” directed by G.Bezou.
    1993 “Tum Tam & Tango” directed by Roger William. in BRITAIN

  • 1992 “Pothen Aishos” directed by G.Kimoulis at VEBO
  • 1992 “Fiesta and Asta” directed by A. Cafetzopoulos and music by D. Tsaknis” at VEBO
  • 1991 “Artzi Bourtzi and Hellas” directed by G.Kimoulis at the PARK theater