He was born in Messologgi. He graduated from the State School of Orchestral Art in 1989.

In 1996 he created his School which is  recognized  as a member of the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance of London.

Since 2002 he has been teaching dance at Dramatic school of  Art of the National Theatre.

In 2005, he was awarded with  dance award “KOULA PRATSIKA”  from the Hellenic Theater Study & Research Center.

From 1991 until today he has choreographed and directed theatrical performances and musicals, for the Theatre in general , National Theatre,  Epidaurus Festival, National Opera, State Theater of Northern Greece DI.PE.THE films, television shows , music awards. He has also collaborated with the greatest directors of the Hellenic Theatre.Since 2004, he has participated in the Eurovision contest as a director with artists from Greece and abroad, bringing excellent positions.As creative director he organized the semi-final and final for the Eurovision Song Contest ATHENS 2006, which was held in Athens.In 2011 he was inspired and implemented as creative director the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the World Games SPECIAL  OLYMPICS ATHENS 2011 at the Kallimarmaro Stadium. Also as a creative director he organized ceremonies flame handover  for  Winter World Games KOREA 2013 and European Games AMVERSA 2014.

In 2013 for the National Olympic Academy he undertook the organization of the revival of the first modern Olympic Games and in 2014 the “Olympic Education Day” at the Kallimarmaro Stadium under the auspices of   Education and Religion Ministry.

Since 2014, he has been collaborating with the Philekpedeutiki Etaireia directing : “12 by 12” by Evgenios Trivizas at the Athens Concert Hall, in 2015 the musical theater performance “Choirs Children” from the film  with the same name at the Onassis Foundation Roof and in 2016 ” We are from a Good Generation”  by Stratis Paschalis at the Athens Concert Hall.

In 2018, at  Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center, he directed a special show/reenactment of a live chess game, entitled “Dancing on the Chessboard” with the greatest chess player of the 20th century, Garry Kasparov.

From 2015 to 2018, he has directed for SEGAS  the touch of flame ritual Ceremony , of the Authentic Marathon at the Marathon Tomb.For the Athens Festival he choreographed the show “The other side of the storm” directed by G. Houvardas, at Piraeus 260.The musical theater performance “The Court of Miracles” by I.Kambanelis at the Athens Museum of Music and the musical “SCROOGE & GHOSTS and ROCK ‘N’ ROLL” directed by H.Sougaris.

At Herodion Atticus he directed Desmond Child’s concert “Desmond Child rocks the Parthenon” with the participation of foreign and Greek performers.After a  wonderful collaboration with the unique Evgenios Trivizas, he directed  “The Snowman and the Girl” for the Philekpadeutifiki Etairia in Herodion  and  children’s opera “Frikandela” with original music by Akis Balta at  Christmas Theater.